Are you ready to stop hurting and to be supported in healing emotionally?

I know you are hurting, and I know you are tired of it.

I know you are tired of being disappointed by others. I know you do not understand why people keep hurting you the way they do. I know you feel alone, and you are not sure who you can trust because people have let you down in the past. I know you are tired of having your feelings tossed aside like garbage.

Somewhere deep down inside yourself, you know you deserve to be treated better, but you keep on settling for and accepting less than the best from people because another part of you is afraid of being alone more than being hurt and mistreated. You are not sure what to do to change your life. You just know you want to stop hurting. You are ready for a better life.

I get it. I understand what you are going through. I have been there before – hurting and struggling with my emotional pain every day for YEARS. I didn’t know what to do to let go of the pain and move on. I just knew I was ready to stop hurting. I knew I was ready for a better life.

You know what? You don’t have to live your life this way anymore.

I am telling you from experience that you can heal emotionally and live a happier life. You can heal your emotional pain. You can change your story. You can feel loved. You can feel safe. You can have the healthy relationships, interactions, and connections you desire. You can laugh and smile every day. You can have a happy life.

What has really helped me and my clients to release their emotional pain, to stop hurting inside, and to heal emotionally is making the decision that we were done with living our lives hurting day in and day out and then getting the support we needed to honour that decision and to make the change.

Your emotional healing starts right here. Read through the posts in this blog that relate to you. You can also connect with me for additional support by clicking on the social media icons below.

Lots of love,

Alicia Blagrove
Emotional Healing Coach and Empowerment Coach

Alicia Blagrove