I Feel Invisible: Three Tips to Let Your Inner Light Shine

If you were a super hero, would your superpower be invisibility? It sounds cool as a super hero, but it’s not as much fun when being invisible to others is part of your everyday life.

The pain of being invisible to others or a particular person can be unbearable. I know because I experienced it many times in the past.

What I now understand about being invisible based on my past is that the majority of the pain I was experiencing was the result of me ignoring myself and putting the needs of other people ahead of my own. How ironic is that?

How to Stop Feeling Invisible

Are you ready to be seen, heard, and acknowledged? Here is an important secret…It all starts with you!

You may believe that the feeling of yearning you’re experiencing is because you feel invisible to others or to a specific person. That yearning you feel deep down inside yourself is the result of you being invisible to you. You have been ignoring yourself.

That was the important lesson I learned from my own journey from feeling invisible to feeling visible and letting my inner light shine.

You can begin to let your inner light shine too. If you’re feeling invisible, then you’re most likely dimming your own inner light. We, women, do this for many different reasons. For example, being accepted by others who are also dimming their light, so we don’t outshine them. Whatever your reason for dimming your own inner light, you can begin to stop doing it today.

Flip your own inner light switch on with these three helpful tips:

Tip One: Honour Yourself

What does this mean? I find that most women who are feeling invisible are ignoring themselves while showering all their love, attention, respect, and affection on someone else.

When it’s time to choose between doing what is best for you and what is best for someone else, you’ll consistently choose what is best for the other person. You dishonour yourself in order to honour another. Why?

I believe in most cases it’s because we are taught to behave in this way as children. Think about it. What were you taught to do when another child wanted something that you had or wanted something that you were playing with? Many of us were told to give it up to the other child immediately! Most of us have been taught to believe that our feelings come second to the feelings of others.

I am not saying sharing is wrong. What I am saying is if you’re asked to do something for someone or to give something to someone and you do it when deep down you really don’t want to, you are ignoring what you desire to make someone else happy, and if it feels wrong to you, then it is.

You can start to honour yourself by asking yourself, “What it is that I want?” when you are in a position where you’re being asked for your time, energy, or money. 

Tip Two: Pay Attention to Your Needs

If you’re accustomed to ignoring your needs to tend to the needs of another person, this may seem strange to you at first. However, it’s a very important step in the process of you beginning to feel acknowledged, seen, and heard – most importantly by you.

How do you discover what your needs are? You can start by thinking about what you need most in your life right now. Make a list on a piece of paper. Then you’re going to think about how you’re going to tend to your own needs, which you have listed on your paper, in the same way you’ve been thinking about how to tend to the needs of others to prove your love and loyalty to them. It is time for you to direct some of your love and loyalty towards yourself.

If you create a plan to meet one of your needs, and it doesn’t work, create another plan and implement it. Do this until you have successfully met your need. Then move onto another need on your list.

Tip Three: Journaling

Journaling is a method you can use to express how you feel on paper. You can write down your deepest thoughts and feelings about anything. This journal is for your eyes only.

As I mentioned before, if you’ve been feeling invisible to others, you’ve probably been ignoring yourself too. This is a method you can use to begin to feel visible to yourself – which is a very important part of your journey from “I feel invisible” to “I feel visible”.

Your journal can become your voice as you openly express how you feel about anything on paper. It’s a method that allows you to be acknowledged, seen, and heard by a very important person in your world: YOU.


It is possible to move from feeling invisible to visible. As you’ve learned from this blog post, it is important for you to start honouring yourself, paying attention to your needs, and journaling to begin to feel acknowledged, seen, and heard by YOU.

You can stop ignoring yourself. Open your heart. Let your love and inner light shine. Share some of the love and light that is in your heart with yourself. You deserve it.

Lots of Love,

Emotional Healing Coach

3 thoughts on “I Feel Invisible: Three Tips to Let Your Inner Light Shine

  1. Very nice post! It is so easy to get caught up in doing everything for everyone else but ourselves! We all need to take care of ourselves and this post is a beautiful reminder!


  2. Nice work! I agree, if we ignore ourselves, others will ignore us too. If we’re loving and compassionate with ourselves, others will tend to be loving and compassionate with us too. Our outer world will tend to reflect our inner world. Great tips! 🙂


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