Stop Hating on Your Body!

What does the perfect body look like?

If you follow the media, you will probably observe preferences for a particular body type and specific physical attributes within different industries like the entertainment, fashion, and beauty industries.

For instance, within the world of hip hop, thick women with hour-glass figures and plump, round bottoms are highly coveted. Many women, including celebrities, have spent fortunes reconstructing their bodies to match these particular physical beauty standards.

Does this particular preference mean that all women should look like they belong on the set of a hip hop music video? Absolutely not!

We were born with different body shapes for a reason, and each body shape is beautiful. Just because certain forms of the media favour certain body types over others, does not mean the other body types are not beautiful, sexy, and attractive too.

Stop hating on your body and learn to love yourself and your body. Practice self love.

If you are the type of woman who hates her body or who hates certain parts of her body because it does not match what is shown on magazine covers, fashion catwalks, or brand name advertisements this message is especially for you.


You do not have to wait for the media to catch up or keep pace with the social movement of loving and appreciating all the beauty that is part of each woman individually.

It is okay to love your body as it is right now, even if it does not match what is featured within mainstream media.

Think about how wonderful it is to be human and to have the body of a woman…

Think about all the pleasures that you have because you have the body of a woman. You are here in this world now and you entered into this world through the body of a woman…

Take the time to think about what you love about your body instead of hating the parts that do not match the standards of external sources like the media. Their idea of the perfect body is not the be-all-and-end-all.


It is time for you to love YOU.

Lots of Love,

Emotional Healing Coach

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